Artisanal Sorrento limoncello production

/Artisanal Sorrento limoncello production
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Sorrento peninsula is a very lucky country. Its beauties and resources are countless.

From its coast we admire the rich blue of the sea, the unique insula Capri skyline, the enchanting colors of the Mediterranean nature with its delicious yellow lemons which we got the best and sweetest liqueur from.

penisola sorrentina

In fact they are in great demand from everyone is being travelling toward our country or is just at home and feels nostalgic about our wonderful town.

We know it very well so that is the reason why we at Lucky 7 have been working very hard for 20 years in order to offer a really good product to the people who require taste and skill.

Lucky 7 is a family run business which we consider one of our most quality as our family love is like the care we put in doing everything we work every day.

limoneti di Sorrento As agriculture needs great care, our handcrafted lemon liqueur product is made with great attention much more to the quality than to the quantity, although in a very limited way. Obviously the lemons used are the Syrentum ones with no chemicals substance. That is our pride.

Yet Lucky 7 in not only this but also a wine-cellar rather well-know both in Italian wine field and overseas.

We are in a picturesque and very crowded street in the old town of Sorrento.

Could you imagine how much pleasure would you take in uncorking a Syrentum lemon liqueur bottle or one of Campania’s while sitting at a table in a far place like, Canada, Sweden or Australia?

This is a small world but thanks our brand it’s also very tasty.

Syrentum is visited from many and many tourists who come here very often, and seeing then so interested in this product of us, helps make us sure that our Limoncello is a real gift achieved thanks to our country nature.

Anyway it is a gift to ours and we think everybody should taste it.