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This kind of Sorrento lemon is the trickiest one in natural features we have got. It’s considered the most excellent for they who love the Mediterranean cuisine.

It’s true there are diverse qualities, but we of Lucky 7 have always worked this.

This citrus was brought from eastern countries much time ago and before reaching to the Italian Coasts, many peoples already were able to appreciate its quality.

Nowadays it is normally used in gastronomy either as seasoning or as a body skin cleanser handmade by oneself.

Anyway the lemon is a good friend of us and it is ever present at home.

Because its particular oval shape, the Sorrento oval it is also named “Femminiello”, either known as “Massa Lemon” with reference to where it is grown.

It is found also in town as Meta, Piano, Syrentum, Capri and Anacapri.

Our Lemons aren’t all the same. In fact the Amalfitano’s one is less sour than the others and it is called “Sfusato”.

Yet the best is the Syrenthum one if referred to the quality. It is not only very special but also unknown elsewhere.

It weights 85 grams, has got a pale yellow, a very sour souce, rich in vitamins (C and others) and mineral salts. It’s smelling peel is plenty of essentials oils.

So, thanks to its quality, the Syrentum Lemon is our cherry on the cake. That is due to the sea benefit, to the place feature where it is grown and to the climate.

Yet it also needs our good and experienced farmers.