Sorrento limoncello: the way of working it

/Sorrento limoncello: the way of working it
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limoneti di Sorrento

Sorrento has got a very large variety of lemons both for their quality and size. In fact some are more or less acid than others.

We use them to produce a very appreciate Limoncello liqueurs.

The Femminiello is an IGP product and it has got particular features. It is grown in Massa Lubrense, Vico Equense, Piano di Sorrento and Capri too.

pelatura limone di Sorrento



The steps to produce these lemons are:

  • Their plants are covered with straw mattress to shelter their foliage from the severe weather conditions or the sun. This way of working slows down maturing.
  • Then second steps of processing is the using ethyl alcohol at 90% where the lemon peels (which are rather thick) are plunged. At Lucky 7 we peel all the lemons by hand to avoid the destruction of the pockets where the essential oils are found. On the contrary our lemon liquors shouldn’t be so good any more.
  • The lemon peels must be left in the alcohol for three days before taking them off. After that they are drayned dry before filtering the infussore at a particilare temperature. Only after that we add refined sugar and refined water.

The Sorrento lemon orchards are called “Lemons gardens” anyway they are good to taste and beautiful to see.

So this is the last step before to bottling up and packing the best liqueur in the world.





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