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The Limoncello isn’t an ordinary sweet liqueur. In fact it is always served at the end of every meal or at an important event.

We obtain this delicious drink steeping some lemon peels in ethyl alcohol, after blending them in a sugared water syrup by using IGP lemon (namely Protected Geographical Directions – High quality).

Yes it shouldn’t come as a surprise as the Southern Italian are really demanding at table.

Well, where was the Limoncello born? At Sorrento, Amalfi or Capri? A tradition tells that is was born in Campania at the beginning of the 20th century. It might be Sorrento, Amalfi or Capri? Not much is know about this but these are the three most active cities in this field.

However some claim it was born in a small pension in Capri else others think that its tradition began started from Sorrentini’s information.

At last it s thought its origins belong to the Amalphi enchanting land. On the country a sea legend tells some fishermen at down chilled from the winter days warmed themselves with a glass of this liqueur.

Just like a strong breakfast. We only know that this pale yellow liqueur must have something special substance in it to make everyone crazy when tasting it. Today the handcraft Limoncello is a precious jewel in the Mediterranean cookery as they prefer the first blooming lemons which have tastier and richer in intense aroma.

Further it is very important how to choose the quality of the alcohol where to dip the lemons peels: a less good one indeed could spoil badly the liqueur taste. The alcohol percentage of our limoncello is 30%.

The last two simple but very important ingredients to add this unique Campania product are sugar and water.

Our Sorrento¬†Limoncello, just as a real Star, doesn’t need any introduction to be an a stage by alone; so at the end of a meal it’ll be enough to have some little glasses of this liqueur to give a unique moment of pleasure to your friends.

There is no best way to digest.

Then, if you like daring you might taste it on an ice-cream or in a glass of prosecco. Certainly it is a very original way to surprise your guests.

In Italy is also a land of aperitif; so why not relaxing before dinner or while mattering and enjoying at sunset?

Oh, a way just forgetting it is the best also if you are about: our Limoncello takes you to Sorrento also with just a sip.





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