How to recognize an handcraft Sorrento Limoncello

/How to recognize an handcraft Sorrento Limoncello
How to recognize an handcraft Sorrento Limoncello 2018-04-18T11:42:21+00:00

For example, do you need a jacket? You may choose on by a skilled tailor handmade or a soulless.

Anyway you will surely have a jacket, but makes a remarkable difference between the both of them as the first is unique in the world, the second is alike other thousands.

So when speaking about genuineness we talk of our handcraft Sorrento Limoncello that is also perfume, ingredients and colors which isn’t so easy to describe it before enjoying a glass of this magic liqueur.

riconoscere il limoncello artigianale

So we must say that there is a total unlikeness between the artisanal and industrial production.

In fact, in the handcraft production the liquid is thickest as the qualities richness inside the lemon peel is get back again by the macerating process ( See also “The way of working Sorrento limoncello“).

All that because they are peeled by hand one by one. That is a very important process as their oil packages preserve all the inside precious value without breaking, thanks to the growers’ care.

Then the lemon peels are filtered more than once not to leave any trace at the bottom of the bottle.

The only ingredients used by the handcrafted  production are: lemon peels, sugar, water and alcohol while the industrial green lemons, coloring agents and some additives which cannot guarantee their natural flavor.

So when one produces an industrial Sorrento Limoncello there is always a much more quantity of sugar in it than the artisan one as the lemons used aren’t the best. Therefore that taste of the liqueur hasn’t got a great quality taste.

But not for us cause we are keen of our production and we deal with the Limoncello only with superior ingredients well, choose  with artisanal Limoncello, is really a great thing.




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